How to Structure Water

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To Structure Water Follow Nature’s Plan

What is Nature’s Plan?

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Our ancestors lived in a pristine world. It was clean, fresh and 100% natural. The mountains they climbed were granite and not trillions of plastic bottles. When they walked the land, they found animals hiding under the bushes and not empty water bottles.

Aflababu is African for Healthy Ancestor. 23,300 years ago, Aflababu roamed the African Savanna. Life was simple. He knew things by the smell of the air and animal behavior. During his treks, Aflababu noticed a secret about water: The many forces of nature give water natural purity.

Aflababu’s people honored the hidden nature of water with names: Names like LIVING water because it inspires life; ENERGIZED water because it is full of Spirit life-force; HEALING water because it restores the body, and MIRACLE water because sometimes healthy effects happen unexpectedly.

One day during an especially harsh drought Aflababu and his hunting party returned, famished and thirsty. The severe drought caused the water holes to dry up. Perishing, the men gratefully dipped water from the village well, and they noticed a marvelous thing. The water became alive! Today you know this secret as: “Give Thanks for food and drink.

Good Water has Good Structure.

Dr. Henri Coanda (1885–1972) developed a system to determine water structure and what he found is that he could predict the average age of death in any given locality anywhere in the world just by testing the water structure in that area. He originated the expression, “You are what you drink,” because water affects your health more than any other nutrient.

Good water is like a liquid crystal. Crystals convey information and amplify it so it can be used. Water structure is the key to how well your cells talk to each other. This talking between cells keeps you healthy. Structured water lets your cells use the minerals and nutrients your body needs. Doctor Mu Shik Jhon’s research demonstrates that structure is the quality that gives water its “life” and energy.

Here is another fact about water structure and energy. Doctor Alexis Carrell won the 1912 Medicine Nobel Prize for keeping a chicken heart alive for 34 years. This is the research summary: The cell is immortal. It is merely the water in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this water, give the cells what they require for nutrition and, as far as we know, the pulsation of life may go on forever.”

Medical science knows that structured water is vital for health—proteins and DNA do not work in sick water. The Magnetic Resonance Interference or MRI diagnoses cancer by looking at water structure in cells. What is in the water is not the biggest problem. It is vibration, energy, and how we put the water together that is important.

How did we forget?

You haven’t had a real choice about water, and it’s not your fault. In the course of history, Aflababu’s population spread out all over the Earth forming countries. Ultimately groups of these people became selfish wanting everything for themselves. These Greedy ones realized that when people drink naturally pure water they are not easily controlled, and they buried the truth about living water.

Water carries the natural energies of the universe. Aflababu’s people knew that life depends upon five elemental energies: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. As time passed, people filtered water thinking they were making it healthy, but forgot about the elemental energies because Government and companies made decisions for them.

What are your choices? You can choose tap-water without the essential Earth Air Fire Water and Spirit Life-Force, or you can choose expensive, inferior bottled water. You can filter your water, but where are the essential ingredients for healthy water?

What is the forgotten Knowledge? How do you Structure Water According to Nature’s Plan?

Green Frontiers Water has the tools and the know-how to make living spring-like water in your home, right at the kitchen faucet following Nature’s plan, but that's not why you are reading this article, so you can't have the Green Frontiers Water System even if it is convenient. You can, however, do it without tools.

For Earth Energy mix a saturated raw sea salt solution and add a small amount of the solution to your water, or if you are like me and forget to mix up a saturated salt solution, you can do as I do and throw a pinch of mineral rich sea salt into the glass each time you drink.

For Air Energy set an uncovered bowl of water outside in the shade by day and the stars by night.

For Fire Energy set a bowl of water in the first and last sunlight hours of the day because these are the Life enhancing rich rays of the sun.

For Spirit life-force energy bless your water with love and gratitude and then swirl it because water loves motion.

These steps will let you enjoy Full Spectrum Structured Living Water Energy.

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